One in five experience diagnosable mental health problems

Mental illness is the:

  • fourth-leading cause of disability and premature death in the world
  • reason for one quarter of all visits by Canadians to their general practitioners
  • leading cause of long-term absences from work
  • reason 500,000 Canadians miss work in a day

Depression alone affects 800,000 people in Québec. This is one and a half times the population of Québec City.


Despite these alarming statistics:

  • Government spending on mental illness lags far behind that for physical diseases.
  • Spending on mental health in Canada is lower than in most developed nations.
  • 10% of Canadians are being treated for a mental illness, yet mental health receives only 1.3% of the federal health budget.
Hope for families in our community exists thanks to institutions like the Douglas. With your gift, the Douglas can continue to offer individuals living with mental illness state-of-the-art treatment and quick recovery.

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