Former patients speak out about recovery

Ashley's Story

My body and my mind were so ravaged by my eating disorder that I often felt hopeless that things would ever improve... Read the rest of Ashley's story.

Mike's Story

"I have the privilege of being bipolar with the added bonus of having periods of total psychosis in extreme situations. So I have highs and lows and I can lose touch with reality. I have symptoms of both schizophrenia and bipolar, which the professionals call schizo-effective disorder." Read the rest of Mike's story.

Marie-Josée's Story

"During my anorexic phases, in a day I would eat the equivalent of two pieces of fruit and a couple of cabbage leaves. When I was bulimic, I would eat and eat and eat, then make myself throw up, repeat the cycle, throwing up sometimes up to 30 times a day. I did not want to drink anything, not even water, because I feared the sensation of fullness..." Read the rest of Marie-Josée's story.

Charlotte's story 

In many ways Charlotte’s life is unremarkable. Married, she lives in a large suburban home with her husband and children. She holds a management position with a large company, where she is in charge of client services. She’s proud of her high standing at work. Clients say she’s outgoing and good with people... Read the rest of Charlotte's story.

Denise's story (as told by her husband)

When Denise began showing signs of memory loss, I took her to the a medical clinic to see the doctor on duty. By chance, it was Dr. Virmani. In addition to referring us to a neurologist, Dr. Virmani told us about the Memantine clinical trial and we jumped at the opportunity to participate. Read the rest of Denise's story.

Other Patients

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