Our Mission

To finance the development of the Douglas Institute: patient care, research in neuroscience and mental health, and education and training.

The Foundation collects money for

  • Prevention and treatment of mental illness
  • Understanding its causes
  • Improving treatments and public access to mental health services
  • Helping families
  • Educating the population
  • Exchange of knowledge and best practices between mental health practitioners
We do not sell, rent or trade our donor lists.

Key Facts and Documents

  • We are a registered charity. Our charitable business number is: 10146 9609 RR0001
  • Our staff adheres to a professional code of conduct
  • Our volunteers adhere to a volunteer code of conduct
  • Our financial statements are audited by independent public accountants and one of Québec largest accounting and management firm, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
  • We do not directly or indirectly pay finder’s fees, commission, or percent compensation based on contributions
  • The cost effectives of the Douglas Institute Foundation’s activities are reviewed regularly throughout the year by the Board of Trustees.
  • No more is spent on administration and fundraising than is required to ensure effective management and resource development

Annual Report on Giving 2015-2016

Financial Statements 2015-2016

Our Board Members

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