Want to be actively involved in the cause? You have the power to make a difference.

Organize an activity to benefit the Douglas Institute Foundation. It's more simple than you think. Be creative - all sorts of ideas are good. To help you, here is a list of simple ideas that might interest you and your team. The Foundation will help you make your activity a success. 

Some ideas…

  • A Game Night (Monopoly, Scrabble, Boggle, Pictionary, etc.): organise a game night with your friends and charge an entrance fee to be donated to the Foundation.
  • Special Celebration (holidays, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, a wine tasting, Stanley Cup, Grey Cup, New Year's): organize a party or a dinner and ask your guests to make a donation to the Foundation in lieu of bringing a gift.
  • A garage sale: organize one at home or at work, and donate the proceeds to the Foundation.
  • Jeans Day: organize a dress down/denim day at your workplace and ask your colleagues to make a donation in order to participate.
  • A donation box at your favourite bar/café: Ask the owner for permission to leave one there for a specifed period of time. Collect the proceeds and donate them to the Foundation. 
  • Bowling: organize a bowling tournament with your friends. Charge an entry fee and donate the earnings to the Foundation.
  • Bike Rally or Treasure Hunt: Proceeds from participant entrance fees can be donated to the Foundation.
  • A Car Wash, Marathon, Golf Tournament.  There are endless good ideas! 
  • Regardless of the activity, offer participants to double their donation!


Andrée Mathieu, mother of a boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a donor, recently raised $16,322 for the Douglas Institute. This money will go towards a summer camp for children with ADHD. Read more about this event.

Your First Time?

Don't be discouraged. With a little effort, imagination, and a lot of fun, you will accomplish your fundraising goals! Now that you have chosen your fundraising activity, it's time to begin your fundraising campaign.

Contact us at (514) 762-3003, and we'll provide you with all the necessary information.