Offering Hope and Recovery

Since its beginning in 1881, the Douglas Hospital has relied on the community for its development. Unlike most francophone hospitals, it was not tied to the Church and thus had to count on the generosity of the public and its volunteers. In fact, the first building of the hospital was constructed as the result of generous response by influential people and the general public of Montreal to a request for assistance in the local newspaper. The Douglas' open partnership with the outside community has assured the success of its different initiatives. 

1972 – The Foundation was created

Led by volunteers, its mandate was to collect and manage donations.

2007 – Name change

In 2007, the Douglas Hospital was designated a University Institute by the government of Quebec. Since then, the Foundation has been called the Douglas Mental Health University Institute Foundation.

Today – The Foundation

The Foundation collects funds to finance the activities, patient services, projects, and research of the Douglas Institute. It also funds the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center.

The Douglas Institute Foundation is a public organization, run independently of the Douglas Institute.