What is the Défi Douglas?
A sport event that offers participants the opportunity to complete a duathlon or a triathlon individually or as a team. This event is organized by the Douglas Foundation (as part of the Triathlon de Verdun) that aims to raise money for the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, which encompasses the largest mental health research centre in Quebec.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Athletes must arrive at 6.30 a.m. (a confirmation email will be sent before the event)
The post-event brunch will finish around 1:30 p.m.

Natatorium de Verdun
6500 LaSalle boulvard
Montréal, Qc H4H 2S9

Distances per discipline
Run – 5 kilometer
Bike – 20 kilometers
Run – 2.5 kilometers


Swim – 750 metres in open water (in the St. Lawrence River)
Bike – 20 kilometers
Run – 5 kilometers

Registration fee 
$ 100 per athlete for the duathlon and triathlon
The duathlon and triathlon can be done alone or in a team (i.e. one athlete per discipline). The registration fee is $ 150 for a team of 2 and $ 175 for a team of 3.

What is included in the registration fee?
• Participation in the Triathlon de Verdun Desjardins, inlcuding Triathlon Québec fees
• Training tips videos by Don White from CoreXcellence and a training program developed by Coach Anastasia Polito from Club Triathlon EnergiFit
• Brunch after the event
• Medal for all participants
• Event technical shirt and swim cap

What does the training program included in the registration fee consist of?
Participants will have access to a training program for beginners prepared by Coach Anastasia Polito. This program will be emailed to you and is accessible on our participants' secret Facebook group. To get access to it, you must send a friend request to our Facebook profile -  Fdn Douglas - and ask to join the group.

Where will be pre-event cocktail on August take place?
The location and date will be determined at a later date and communicated to all participants.

What are the fundraising objectives?
$ 500 per athlete ($ 1,000 for a team of two; $ 1,500 for a team of 3).

What happens if an athlete’s fundraising objectives are not met?
No penalty will be imposed if an athlete’s fundraising objectives are not met.

What will the funds raised be used for?
To support the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in its mission to:
• Advance neuroscience and mental health research and share knowledge;
• Offer first-class care and services to people living with mental illness;
• Raise awareness.

How do I register?
Click on this link: https://www.gifttool.com/athon/AthonDetails?ID=2222&AID=3491

How do I support a team?

What is the Triathlon de Verdun-Desjardins?

The Défi Douglas is taking place at the 19th edition of the Triathlon de Verdun-Desjardins, the fastest and best-known race in the Triathlon Québec series. More than 1,200 participants are being welcomed. For more information: www.triathlondeverdun.com/

Is the Défi Douglas a triathlon recognized by Triathlon Québec?
Yes, participants in the Défi Douglas that are members of  Triathlon Québec are registered in the Triathlon de Verdun, an event recognized by Triathlon Québec.

I am already registered in the sprint race of the Triathlon de Verdun, but I’d like to participate in the Défi Douglas. Is this possible?
Yes, please contact Caroline Apollon (caroline_dot_apollon_At_douglas_dot_mcgill_dot_ca) and she will coordinate the process of transferring your registration.

Will I earn points as part of Triathlon Québec pointing system by participating in the Défi Douglas?
Yes, by registering online, your member ID will be requested and transmitted to Triathlon Québec.

A parking lot with limited spaces (first come, first served) is availiable inside the Douglas Institute's campus. The cost is $6 for the day, bring exact change.

What are the main rules to follow?


• A wet suit is not mandatory and may even be prohibited if the water temperature reaches 22.1 degrees Celsius. In 2015, the water temperature was 22.9°C.
• Competitors must wear the swim cap provided by the even organizers.
• Sunglasses and nose clips are permitted.


• Helmets are obligatory
• Toe clips are prohibited, as are electric bicycles
• Competitors cannot be shirt-less.
• Glass containers, communications radios and Mp3 players are not permitted.


• Competitors cannot be shirt-less.
• Glass containers, communications radios and Mp3 players are not permitted.

Minimum age of participants: 16 years old

Complete rules of Triathlon Québec are available at (French only):

Is this your first triathlon?

The Triathlon Québec website offers a lot of useful info (French only):